About Us

Who We Are / Meet The Team

Kerry Guthrie – Owner/CEO

Cyber Security & Network Specialist

tarted the business in 1984 with a partner and later went solely on his own to cultivate the business into what it is today by developing customer and vendor relationships through long, hard hours of devotion to the business and it’s customers and employees.

Chris Harrison – General Manager

Cyber Security & Network Specialist

Began tinkering in 1996 with some old IBM 8088 systems and started DOS and Basic programming. Went to IADT Tampa for Bachelors in Web Development and Forts Hays State for Cyber Security. Began working at Central Plains Computers in 2007 and is now the General Manager.

Tiffany Schoendaler

Office Manager

Began working for Central Plains Computer Service in 2006 as the business manager. She moved up and began assisting in Tier 1 tech support. Now, Tiffany works as a customer support technician and accounts while still fulfilling her office manager duties.

Dustin Duryee

Systems Technician and Tier-2 Support

Dustin started as a part-time technician when he graduated high school in 1998. He began his associates at Barton Community College for Information Technologies and eventually went on to KU in 2001 for Business Administration and Information Systems when he graduated in 2003 and began full time with Central Plains Computers.

Craig Scheuerman

Systems Technician and Tier-2 Support

Craig graduated from ITT for Information Systems / Information Security, BA and eventually came to work for Central Plains Computer Service in the spring of 2016.

Raylyn Isaac

Accounts and Triage

Raylyn got her Associates in Accounting in 2009 and came to work as our accounts specialist in the fall 2012. Raylyn also serves in a Tier 1 support capacity and continues to pursue certifications areas of specific need to better help serve in whatever capacity the company needs.


Our mission is to provide a consolidated approach to managing entire IT infrastructures with top tier remote Technologies and knowledgeable technicians who stand behind their work adding peace of mind as a complimentary service.

Background Experience

It systems are a critical part of any business these days. With so many riding on these systems, it only makes sense to know the value of your critical systems before Calamity strikes.

“Organizations encounter unplanned downtime, on average, 13 times per year with the average cost of one hour of downtime for mission-critical applications equals nearly $83,000.”
– Veeam Availability Report

In the world where such great strides and advancements in technology pave the way, any technology is vulnerable to failure. let’s not forget the criminal element where we have to protect our data from information thieves or the cyber-criminal who simply would love to hold your data hostage in exchange for payment.

when disaster strikes the company that is not developed a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan, the financial and operational impact can be devastating and the reputation of the company comes into question.

For the last 13 years Central Plains Computer Services been developing an infrastructure to support High availability for ourselves that also translates into high availability for our clients. with offsite backups and multiple locations for Superior disaster recovery as well as years developing vendor relations that helps us provide top-tier services and products. As a result, Central Plains Computer Service offers the very best and technological advancements and the highest quality of customer service combined with qualified professionals With a combined experience of over 50 years in the IT industry who stand behind their work.