How We Do Business Differently

Integrity is the core of our services and products. we strive to develop a trust relationship with every client and make every client feel like they are our only client. it’s our business to treat your business like our own.

11-Point IT Assessment

With our free comprehensive 11-point IT assessment, We will come on site and evaluate your networking equipment, workstations, servers, operating systems and third-party applications. we will take a look at your Security application such as antivirus and firewall applications as well as email Security in spam filtering. We will look for backup Solutions uninterruptible power sources and the IT protocols that are currently in place. we will even evaluate your employees level of awareness to cyber attacks and phishing schemes.

Managed Services

We offer Basic and Proactive plans to manage your network. The Basic plan simply monitors your network devices and allows us to view hardware and software metrics that are not readily visible to the end user and identify potential failures before it is too late. With the Basic MSP program, we do not automatically perform any maintenance until it is approved.

The Proactive MSP program that encapsulates everything the Basic program has and also allows us to take a proactive approach to minimizing downtime and moving to correct the errors as soon as they are discovered.

Internet Services

We offer wireless internet with speeds up to 150 Mbps depending on your location and potential interference. Wireless surveys can be done to determine the quality of service.

IP Phone Systems

We offer a very dependable VoIP telecommunications system. Whether it’s 1 phone or multi line / multi extension phone system, we can provide you a dependable solutions with a robust set of service.

Cyber Security

With a complete list of ESET products, we provide antivirus, advanced security and encryption software for Windows, Linux and MAC as well as Android and Apple mobile devices.

Exchange Email

Collaborate your business email, calendar and contacts across multiple devices and with all of your employees on secure servers complete with filtering for SPAM, Viruses and PHISHING emails.

Office 365

For the latest in security features and state of the art threat analytics built in, keep up-to-date with a subscription to the latest Microsoft Office applications and services. Collaboration between team members is the biggest advantage to an Office 365 subscription.

Hosted Servers

We can host a server for you on our cutting edge virtual server environment allowing you to avoid the cost of owning and maintaining your own. All of our virtual servers come with options for backup and maintenance plans to fit your company’s needs.

Backup & Recovery

We offer everything from file and folder based backup to complete system drive imaging and offsite backups for complete disaster recovery with the ability to spin your servers up in the cloud within minutes to eliminate downtime and get your business back on track after a hardware failure or disaster.


With over 60 years combined experience, you can rest assured that our technicians can get your network installed in a timely and professional manor.

Free 11 Point IT Assessment

Initial network and systems analysis to identify all hardware, software and user information and use it to formulate a strategic plan to eliminate security concerns, potential points of failure and identify potential bottlenecks on the network.

  • Networking Equipment
  • Workstations & servers
  • Operating System & 3rd Party Patches
  • Endpoint Security Software & Encryption
  • Email Security & SPAM Filtering
  • Backup Solution
  • Uninterruptible Power Sources
  • Employee Awareness
  • Mobile Devices
  • Voice Gateways / Phones
  • IT Management Protocols